Dan Ferrell writes about do-it-yourself car maintenance and repair. He has certifications in automation and control technology. Cleaning your EGR valve will solve your car's engine performance issues related to any clogging or system passages problem with the valve.

Even more importantly, it'll prevent serious engine damage and expensive repairs. During operation, the EGR system pulls a small amount of exhaust gases from the exhaust manifold through the EGR valve, into the intake manifold, and back into the combustion chambers. Theses gases mix with the air-fuel mixture inside the cylinders to reduce high temperatures during the combustion process. The lowered temperature inhibits the formation of poisonous oxides of nitrogen NOx.

Overtime, though, this routed gases build up a hard and thick wall of carbon, locking the EGR valve opened or closed and obstructing system passages, which prevents exhaust gases from reaching the combustion chambers and increases NOx emissions. That's why car manufacturers recommend cleaning the EGR valve and passages every 50, miles or fewer.

But you don't need to take your car to the shop. By the end of your repair, you'll have restored engine performance and saved your engine—and your wallet—from irreversible damage. Depending on your car's make and model, your engine may be using one of three common types of EGR valves: vacuum controlled older modelselectronic-vacuum controlled valve newer modelsor the new electronic controlled digital valve.

You'll locate the valve towards the top or side of the engine. However, one or more components may obstruct your view. Look around the side of the cylinder head top area of the engine for the valve. Check near the throttle body, firewall, or intake manifold. If you don't see it, search for your EGR valve online by going to an auto parts store website and entering your car's make, model and engine size to look for the valve. Most auto parts stores will show the picture of the EGR valve that applies to a particular vehicle make and model for quick identification.

Look at the picture and you'll know exactly what you're looking for. Or, better yet, consult the repair manual for your particular vehicle make and model. You can buy an inexpensive aftermarket repair manual at most auto parts stores and online. The manual tells you not only the location but provides illustrations and photos of the valve and related components, troubleshooting procedures, and the necessary steps to remove and replace EGR system components like the EGR sensor, vacuum hoses, and pipes.

After locating the valve and moving accessories out of the way to gain access to it, it's time to remove it.Sure, we get that things pop up. Should you fail to show up at the time and place arranged with the Workshop without canceling in advance, you will forfeit the entire prepaid amount.

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nissan qashqai pcv valve location

A basic service includes engine oil and engine oil filter change, as well as a general safety inspection and inspection of all fluids. A logbook service is a series of scheduled tasks recommended by the vehicle manufacturer at certain time intervals.

Every logbook service is different. Absolutely, the mechanic will sign and stamp your logbook to meet manufacturer requirements.

P0444 NISSAN - EVAP Canister Purge Volume Control Solenoid Valve Circuit Open

The mechanic will sign off each item and stamp your logbook once all tasks are completed and your manufacturer's warranty will remain intact.

You can view all the inclusions for your service at the top of the page under Service Tasks. This is found directly underneath the name of the service you have chosen. Our network of mobile mechanics can come to your home or workplace to carry out vehicle inspections, car servicing and some minor repairs. Go through the search process and when you come to the page listing mechanics in your area, mobile mechanics in your area will be listed along with workshops.

Their listing will have a special Mobile Mechanic badge which can be found directly underneath their operating hours. You sure can! Once you have entered in your vehicle details and location on the home screen, the next page will ask you what repair or service you're after.

We can help! Pay upfront and online using your credit card or PayPal 2. Create an Afterpay account that allows you to pay now and make four, fortnightly interest-free payments 3. Cancellation fees apply. You can view all the inclusions for your service at the top of the page under "Service Tasks".

This is located directly underneath the name and price of the service you've selected. Book now, pay later. Transparent prices no surprises. PCV stands for positive crankcase ventilation. The PCV valve is part of the emissions control system on your Nissan Qashqai and it is also a crankcase ventilation system. The PCV valve can get stuck open or clogged with sludge and should be inspected regularly and replaced when required.

One end of the valve is larger than the other, making it almost impossible to fit the valve the wrong way round. It opens when the engine is idling low flow and accelerating high flow based on vacuum pressure. For such an inexpensive item, there really is no excuse for not getting the PCV valve replaced. New spark plugs and replacing burnt oil will cost you much more. Frequently Asked Questions phone Is the price quoted, the price I will pay?

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Can I change my service date?More info here. I took my vehichle to the Nissan dealer because my check engine light was on, my gas reading was inccorrect and when I started my car it didn't warm up at all until you drive the vehicle for several miles and the vehicle was just running like crap to put in nice words.

I received a call several hours later and was told that fluid had leaked into the transmission and that I would have to replace the transmission, radiator, and there were a few other things such as I had to purchase a thermostat and they did a replacement on the ECM relay due to a recall.

I purchased an extended warranty when I purchased the vehicle so basically what I was told is that Nissan would cover the transmission, radiator, and ecm relay and my extended warranty would cover some other stuff however i had to pay my Ok ok I did.

I drove the car away from the service station and guess what my check engine light came back on and my gas gauge was still reading inaccurate. Well took the vehicle back in and by the way was treated like crap put in nice words.

I was told now that it is the ECU for vent conrol valve and had to pay another Well took it back and now was told that my evap canistar internally failed and the purge volume conrol valve and evap conrol system pressure needs replaced. It would only cost me over I am so irate typing this right now that some is coming out of my ears.

I just purchased this vechicle and it only has 50, miles on it. Very disappointed in my purchase and will never ever by a nissan again. If you have a for-profit service, contact us. Most Common Solutions: replace valve, evaporation control system 1 reports. Find something helpful? Spread the word.

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nissan qashqai pcv valve location

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Crankcases and PCV Valves

All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. PCV Valve locations: 3. Insert new valve and push back into valve cover. Answer The PVC valve is on the rear valve cover closer to the driver side of the car. It's easier to see and get to if you pull off the air cleaner housing which is a hassle but once you get it out of the way, you can get to the PVC valve easier.

The problem is getting enough leverage to pull it loose from the connector which has a rigid pipe leading to it. It's a snug fit and you have to be able to get a good grip to pull the old one out of the hose.

It's fairly easy to pull it loose from the valve cover. PCV stands for positive crankcase ventilation. They are usually right in plain sight on top of the valve cover. If you had one you probably could have changed it yourself in about 30 seconds or less.

A PCV valve helps keep a constant pressure within the engine block by releasing oil fumes when they get to a certain pressure and sending them into the fuel system to be reburned with the gas. While they can be inexpensive, they can be very hard to locate and remove on several makes of cars and trucks. Some are internal and cannot be replaced, meaning they are located inside the valve cover.

The PCVs that can be replaced should be replaced every 15 to 60 thousand miles depending on the make and engine you have. It stands for positive crankcase ventilation.

nissan qashqai pcv valve location

And what they told u was right about replacing it. All it does is prevent condensation build up and burn fuel fimes that get by the rings. The condensation will build up and create sludge and that is a bad thing because it will block oil galleries and return holes and ur engine will run oil dry and it will be fried.

However I have never heard of routinely replacing this item, and have known some cheapskates actually "revitalizing" them by spraying them with engine cleaner. There isn't any free lunch. If your airfilter is oil soaked, it probably due to a worn pcv valve. The PCV Valve, or Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve is an emission control device that routes unburned crankcase blowby gases back into the intake manifold where they can be reburned.

The PCV system is one of the oldest emission control devices, and also one of the most beneficial. Besides totally eliminating crankcase emissions as a source of air pollution, the constant recirculation of air through the crankcase helps remove moisture which otherwise would cause sludge to form.Many Nissan owners have reported excessive oil consumption for, and models like Maxima, Altima, Pathfinders, etc.

I believe that, with the help of the right mechanic, I have discovered the cause and why it has been so elusive.

The story should rightly infuriate many owners who have spent so much money trying to fix the issue. I had the same oil consumption problem with my Maxima. Each time I went to the dealer, they basically played dumb as to what could be causing the problem.

There were no external signs - no leaking, no smoke, etc. When I asked if they had ever seen anything like it - there answer was no. When I asked what is the usual cause?

Their response was that owners were not changing oil at required intervals. The problem with excessive oil consumption that became noticeable at around 70, miles, eventually took my engine out. Luckily, I removed it from the Nissan dealership where it was towed and had it taken to a garage - owned by a Nissan trained mechanic - previously trained at that same dealership. He recognized the underlying cause. The excessive oil consumption was caused by faulty catalytic converter design.

As the catalytic converters aged, they produced a sand like substance that was being sucked back into the engine during the common negative cycle. This created a comet like substance that created excessive internal engine wear.

As engine oil was drawn into areas it should not be and burned off, it further accelerated the catalytic breakdown process.

How To Replace The PVC Valve On A Nissan Sentra

NHTSA and Each Nissan vehicle owner that was impacted by this would have had a difficult time seeing the forest for the trees. Each would have been looking for issues for their particular model. However, this issue covers wide spectrum of models. For example, the Maxima 6 cylinder engine can be in the Pathfinder, the Altima, the Infinity, etc.

How many models use cats produced by the same manufacturer? The shell game: Nissan and the dealerships have had great incentive to divert attention away from the real cause.Firmly pull the plastic peg on the left side of the air intake assembly out of the rubber grommet attached to the top of the engine.

Gently pull the rubber hose on the back side of the air intake out of the "C" shaped plastic retaining clip. Then use a pair of pliers to squeeze the two tabs on the hose clamp on the rear of the air intake and slide it off the end of the hose.

Pull the hose off the air intake. Rotate the air intake up and towards the right driver side of the engine bay. Pull the plastic peg on the right side out of its grommet. Slide the hose clamp up and off the nipple on the top of the PCV valve. If you hear a healthy sounding rattle sound from the PCV valve, it is probably still good.

But since new PCV valves are so inexpensive, I recommend replacing it at least every other 2 to 3 years. Try to avoid over tightening the new valve to prevent from cracking it. Pinch the two tabs on the metal hose clamp and slide it down over the new valve. Gently lower the upper part of the air intake assembly down over the top of the engine.

Re-attach the rubber hose to the port on the back side of the air intake. Re-insert the smaller rubber tube in to the "C" shaped plastic retaining clip. If you found this guide to be helpful, please consider making a small donation by clicking on the PayPal.

Thank you! Note: I am not a registered charity. Donations are not tax deductible. Please help support this website by shopping at Amazon. Thank You! Left Side of Air Intake. Pull Peg Out of Grommet. This automotive maintenance tutorial was specifically written to assist owners of the second generation, and the updated or model year Nissan Rogue SUV in checking or changing the PCV positive crankcase ventilation valve in the QR25DE 2.

Pull Hose Out of Clip.

nissan qashqai pcv valve location

Rubber Hose - Back Side. Release Hose Clamp. In order to easily access the PCV valve, you'll need to partially remove the part of the air intake assembly on the top of the engine.

Loosen Right Side Clamp. Rotate Up Air Intake. Loosen the hose clamp on the right side of the air intake assembly. PCV Valve Location. Rubber Hose On Valve. Once the air intake is out of the way, you'll be able to spot the red or orange colored PCV valve attached to the top of the engine and covered by a black rubber hose.

Pull Hose Off Valve.