In the s, Floyd Boudreaux created the Boudreaux bloodline, which has been a popular fighting pit bull bloodline. The bloodline really started with Blind Billy, but Eli was the pit bull who gave the Boudreaux bloodline its second name. Eli pit bulls are often bred with CarverJeepColbyand Chinaman pit bulls.

I have an Eli. She is papered but her breeder refused to give to me due to our break up. All the same, she is an amazing dog. My Eli is my favorite by far. I have a Budweiser and Eli bloodline pup I just got yesterday was wondering is that a well known breed between those two??

I just got a mayday and Eli blood line and will probably mate with my PR razors edge blood line will this be a good line? The health, temperament and overall appearance of the puppies will vary on the dogs and the dogs from their individual pedigrees. What Exactly is a Pit Bull Bloodline? History of Remyline Pit Bull Bloodline. Yes same here. I love my Eli! Your Eli pit, what color is the roof of its mouth?

History of Eli Pit Bull Bloodline

I have an Eli pup from Diablo 10 time champ great great grandson.John P. Colby was 13 when he owned his first pit bull in Because of his love for the breed, Colby began breeding some of the best dogs with lineage traceable back to Ireland and England.

These dogs were the origin of the Colby pit bull bloodline. Louis B. Cccasionally the family will release a litter of puppies, but not often. The Colby bloodline has a first impression of great strength, as it is a muscular and bulky dog. The muzzle should be a medium length and fall away from below the eyes.

The neck is heavy and also of medium length. The shoulders are wide with sloping shoulder blades. The average male Colby is about 18 to 19 inches at the shoulders and about 17 to 18 inches for a female.

Related Books. I have a Colby pit bull all white with blue freckles on her skin looking for a breeder …she in good health this would be her second litter the first was a litter of 8 all live ….

We are not a breeder of Pit Bulls, but you can try searching for breeders in your area. Or try looking at rescues to adopt on in need. Primo John P. The Colby pit bull bloodline is one of the most popular pit bull bloodlines worldwide. The bloodline is the oldest, purest, and rarest bloodline of Pit Bull. What Exactly is a Pit Bull Bloodline? History of Remyline Pit Bull Bloodline.American Pit Bull Terrier puppies for sale.

gator colby pitbull

List a Pet. Dog Breeds. For Adoption. For Sale. For Sale For Adoption. Raleigh, NC change. Search Location: Raleigh, NC change. Displaying: 1 - 25 of These puppies are very short and bully. Mother is a direct manu granddaughter. Pups have nice bone and wide muzzles. Pups are remy line on top and shor…. American Pitbull Terrier Puppies 6. I have some pit bull puppies for sale. Pups are r….

Pitbull Puppies for sale.

The True Colby Bloodline American Pit Bull Terrier

We have red noses, brindles, seals. Three hundred fifty to four hundred for pups. UKC registered twelve month old female hundred percent razors edge she is very very bully and correct she is a full package and due to go into her sec…. I currently have a litter of three blue males and two blue f I am asking four hundred for these healthy and huge pups. They are current on all vaccinations. Reduced due to the tough economy! Five hundred dollars! There are three females and six males.

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As you get to notice I am in love with the breed and the competitiveness of it. For over a decade people seen my dogs in magazines and books and they were never available to the public. I knew that breeders and their standards destroyed the breed in every way. However one day a great friend asked me and gave me the reasons to sale the best dogs to the best people.

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After allselection is the corner stone of the breed and it should be selection also of the best people, what will keep the breed alive for the next years! The Pitbull? We can also see it as, if there are many levels of quality with in the breed.

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gator colby pitbull

This is so importantas the experience give me the know how and the inside of breeding and creating the best American Pit Bull Terriers! You can real more about me on my link Chico Lopezalways the dogs is going to be as good as the source.At McNamara pitbull kennels we started with the best pitbull bloodlines in the world when it comes to intelligent performance dogs. These bloodlines are proven to produce the great dogs we needed to breed our pitbull puppies for sale. Our pitbulls bloodline runs deep with historical world famous bloodlines.

This is the purest pitbull bloodline on the face of the planet. Their ancestry can be traced back to the first documentation of pitbull breeding. These are rock solid bloodlines in their pedigrees. No guesswork here you will be proud to have a dog with such an immaculate pedigree. We know where they came from and their heritage. Scroll down to see other famous dogs that are in our dogs bloodline; they are arranged by the pitbull breeder.

Eli Jr. Some of the most phenomenal performing dogs that we know of today comes from the Carver bloodline. Maurice Carver was born in and started working with dogs at a young age, possibly 10 or Carver passed away inhe had a lot of years of dog breeding.

He was known for having a great instinct and an eye for what dogs to breed. All these fantastic dogs are contributors in our pitbull bloodline. John P. Colby started the Colby bloodline in and they been going ever since. Colby started with the best dogs that the immigrants had brought over Ireland and England. The Colby bloodline is is known world wide and probably the oldest pitbull bloodline.

Other great bloodlines that run in our dogs are Crenshaw, Garner, which is up close and tight. All these dogs where time-tested and proven. They where also proven to have great offspring; true proven producers. To see what puppies we have for sale right now go to our pit bull puppies for sale page.

Carver Pitbull Bloodlines Some of the most phenomenal performing dogs that we know of today comes from the Carver bloodline. Colby Pitbull Bloodline John P.There are different types of Pit bull breeds. Not many people know that they originated from the line of Colby Pitbulls.

They are part of the American Pit Bull Terriers. Colby dogs have always been well respected for their temperament, gameness and conformation. Unlike the modern stereo type of an APBT Colby dogs were not huge with massive heads — in fact they were fit, well-muscled dogs. The Colby Pit Bull has a first impression of tremendous strength for its size.

Colby Pitbull Bloodline – A well respected dog.

It is a very muscular, bulky dog. The Colby dog is very alert and aware of its surroundings. They make terrific pets because of this very nature of theirs. The Colby Pit Bull has a long and interesting history. He brought over the top of the line canines from Ireland and England. He started breeding them and the breed took off and spread all over Northern parts of America. However, due to selective breeding over the last 70 years they own been bred to different standards resulting in many individuals recognizing them as two distinct breeds.

With this new name for the breed, they needed a standard. After visiting a few kennels, a committee headed by Wilfred T. The breeds that we see today in Pit Bull bloodline owe their origin to Colby Pitbull dogs.

History of Colby Bloodline

Now inyears after their origin, they are still known for their strength and the playful characteristics. Temperament of Colby Pitbulls Now more than years later, the line of Colby Pit Bulls is still in effect and worldwide. It is a breed that has survived negative stereotypes of strictly being a fighting dog to being a celebrated member of the American Kennel Club. It is also a breed that is family oriented.Old Carver Blood dogs for sale at a working mans price.

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