I sighed, contemplated life and put it on the back burner. My idea of a smith is a super buff dude with huge bellows, a huge forge, an anvil that weighs a ton and a super heavy hammer for hitting things. Smith's tools allow you to work metal, beating it to alter its shape, repair damage, or work raw ingots into useful items. Smith's tools include hammers, tongs, charcoal, rags, and a whetstone. Arcana and History.

Your expertise lends you additional insight when examining metal objects, such as weapons. You can spot clues and make deductions that others might overlook when an investigation involves armor, weapons, or other metalwork. With access to your tools and an open flame hot enough to make metal pliable, you can restore 10 hit points to a damaged metal object for each hour of work.

We have our tools, which is a good start, but we are missing something to strike the heated metal against… and the intense heat we need. We will tackle the heat part first. All our would be smith needs to do is stick his steel in the campfire hopefully not knocking over the cooking pot and let it sit there for a bit to warm up. Now, another important part of being a blacksmith is that you have something to strike your metal against.

One needs an anvil to beat the heated metal into submission so that you can shape it into something useful. Doing some research, it looks like railroad ties, heavy blocks of steel and construction steel bars are all great anvils for the beginner smith… sadly those all weigh several hundred pounds… which is a bit of a problem when you are trying to climb up a mountain. But fear not, I have a solution.

D&D 5th Edition

Along with learning more about anvils, I also learned something new… you can use the head of a suitably large sledgehammer. Sink it into the ground, or a bucket of sand or concrete and hammer out small items off of that. We separate items to craft based on the size and complexity of the item. Certain items our adventurers can craft on the trail, other items will require a full forge to work with.

Simple - requires no moving parts and is generally one piece of metal shaped quite quickly into form. All simple weapons and some types of armor, like breastplate. Moderate - requires multiple pieces of metal shaped into a more intricate form. All martial weapons, except certain types, and some armor falls in this category. Complex - requires lots of pieces and many moving parts.

Some martial weapons and most armor belong to this category. Ringmail and Chainmail are highly complex in that they require up to thousands of rings crafted, but the individual rings can be crafted by themselves and so they can use our mini-anvil by a campfire. To determine how big something is, we will have to look at each item on a case-by-case basis and separate them into two categories: Campfire or Forge.

And that category is pretty self explanatory. Now, I am going to pause here and leave this small PSA to all would-be adventurers that would like to craft in the middle of the spooky forest at night….

Blacksmithing is extremely loud. I am not at fault if you are attacked by all manner of spooky beasts. We have our items placed into two categories so far based on complexity and where they can be crafted based on their size.Home Post new thread What's new Latest activity Authors.

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better r20 5e tools

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter Inoeex Start date Oct 16, Inoeex First Post. Sleeping and eating are inevitable parts of every adventurer's life, whether you are doing a mission or you are on downtime. But there are some other essential needs to be taken care of, like mending your armor or healing wounds. Is it Cook's untensils to make food and beverages to survive?

Or some Tools to mend your armor? Gaming Set to make money and gambling? What would you choose if you could pick one or more of these tools? Please share some information regarding your party members and your class when you are giving an answer. Last edited: Oct 16, Inoeex said:.Play games anywhere. Share them with anyone. Create your free account. Everything else is right in your browser - nothing to download or install.

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Role-playing Games Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for gamemasters and players of tabletop, paper-and-pencil role-playing games. It only takes a minute to sign up. I can't seem to find this information in the three main rule books, but outside of some general information about lock picking, is there a definitive guide for how to use the various tools and kits with which a character can become proficient?

I'm looking mainly for what skill or ability checks can be made with them, general modifiers and what sorts of tasks can be performed. Without that, they seem more fluff than substance. I've seen some similar questions here, but usually directed toward a particular kit rather than a general overview. Is there a source written in any official rulebooks? Since this question was asked and answered, Wizards of the Coast has published Xanathar's Guide to Everything.

Among the many additions and clarifications, pages give a very detailed treatment on how to use all tool kits and what can be gained by proficiency with them. It explains the difference between a skill proficiency and a tool proficiency, as well as how they can work together to accomplish specific tasks that would be more difficult or impossible without them. Each tool has a number of skill synergies which are used as an example and guide for the DM, as well as a table of common DCs for various tasks one might use them for.

These are well thought out, listing activities that might actually have a use in play, such as using Alchemist's Supplies to produce a puff of thick smoke. It is notable that the DCs listed don't necessarily require the tool itself, but that proficiency in them might allow a character to perform a task that would be normally impossible or more difficult for the unproficient character.

For example, a character with proficiency in Brewer's supplies might allow one to detect poison in a drink. In addition, it lists the components for each tool, so that players and DMs can have an idea of the items actually at their disposal. Like everything else in the Guide, the rules are optional the text calls them "advice"but they do provide a wealth of detail where before there were only the most general of guidelines.

If you haven't read the entries there yet, that's a good place to start for a short list of examples of what tasks can be accomplished by each of the tools though for Artisan's Tools it only provides a general overview for that category and nothing deeper for each specific tool; the rest have at least some specific examples for each tool.

There's one other general benefit of tool proficiencies from PHB p. Tools that allow you to craft typically Artisan's Tools of some variety can earn you up to 5GP a day during your downtime if you have the resources necessary to do the crafting, and grant you a modest lifestyle for free or a comfortable lifestyle at half cost.

To my knowledge, there are no other RAW sources on uses for toolsbarring a few references to specifically Thieves' Tools throughout the books and a couple examples from the DMG I refer to regarding ability modifiers for tools checks further on in this answer. That section of the DMG p. For example, inspecting the quality of woodwork or trying to ascertain its origins doesn't gain the bonus from carpenter's tools proficiency.

Regarding what skill or ability checks can be made with tools, and what general modifiers to use:. Now, if you've read all this in the book and are looking for a definitive listing of what abilities go with what tools, the RAW answer is: There is no definitive ability modifier that each tool uses for its corresponding tool check.

The first paragraph on PHB p. DMG p. As such, by RAW it's left up to the DM to determine what ability modifiers make sense to use with a particular tool use though you're certainly free to give your input when making the roll if you believe a task is, for example, a more fine-detailed task that would require good Dexterity as opposed to brute muscle if Strength was the original suggested ability.

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better r20 5e tools

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It's our belief that if we are bold enough to offer you the best online casino deals, then we should be mindful enough to give you an objective overview of each platform. To ensure all of our online casino reviews are as comprehensive and informative as possible, we like to focus on a range of different areas.SS514, United States Iceland Full Circle, August 2015 We took the 10 self-drive tour of Iceland in August, and it was an amazing experience. SJHoenig, United States South Iceland at Leisure, August 2015 Just got back from a 7 day tour of southern Iceland organized by NordicVisitor.

Hryzko The Natural Wonders of Iceland, July 2015 We joined the Nordic Visitor tour party on the 25rd July following two days in Reykjavik on our own.

Mal, United Kingdom Iceland Full Circle, July 2015 A friend and I (who live in Australia and UK respectively) were keen to do a self drive tour of Iceland as we could have autonomy and flexibility and avoid the tour bus hordes.

Iceland is a Josie, Puerto Rico Iceland Grand Tour, July 2015 Not only did Nordic Visitor delivered on everything that was needed, all the extra tours that were booked by them exceeded our expectations. Barry, United Kingdom Fjord Tour with Pulpit Rock, July 2015 Charles, United States Ultimate Journey of Norway, July 2015 Overall, we had a wonderful time and saw a lot of beautiful scenery.

Michelle, United States Custom Booking, July 2015 Cicci, was wonderful from the beginning, she was very patient with us while we made arrangements for our specialized tour. Kim Wilson, Australia The Golden Triangle of Scandinavia - Express, July 2015 Excellent hotels, great location. Jonathan, United Kingdom Custom Booking, July 2015 We were very impressed with everything you did for us.

We would have no hesitation in using Nordic Visitor again Andrey, United States Iceland Grand Tour, July 2015 Hafdis was very professional and helpful throughout the process. Karen, United States Iceland Complete, July 2015 Fantastic experience.

Greg, United States South Iceland at Leisure, July 2015 Wonderful, exceeded our expectations. Melissa, United States Iceland Full Circle, July 2015 The map provided by Nordic Visitor was a fantastic resource.

Pat, Canada Golden Circle and South Coast, July 2015 It was the perfect blend of independence, comforts through great accommodations in easy locations, and the help of getting to and from the airport was super. Gail, United States The Natural Wonders of Iceland, June 2015 Our guide Christina was very knowledgable of culture and history.

And we had non stop destinations of wonder Annie, Canada Majestic Highlights of Norway, June 2015 Norway was simply spectacularly beautiful. Hazel, United Kingdom Norway Complete, June 2015 Everything was well organised and ran smoothly. Heather, United Kingdom South Iceland at Leisure, June 2015 We had a great holiday and we were delighted with all the arrangements that Nordic Visitor made for us which all went to plan.

Debbie, Canada Iceland Full Circle, June 2015 Thank goodness for the phone that was provided.

better r20 5e tools

Rheta, Canada Iceland Full Circle, June 2015 I would like to thank Hafdis for her assistance in our trip planning. Cheers, Singer, Elisabeth, United States South Iceland at Leisure, June 2015 The entire experience was fabulous.

Marie, Canada Scenic Circle of Scandinavia, June 2015 We simply loved our journey. Nilima, India Lapland - Land of the Midnight Sun, June 2015 Day tours were excellent, guide and service was excellent Lapland is beautiful.

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Nancy, United States South Iceland at Leisure, June 2015 We used Larus at Nordic Visitors to arrange a weeklong tour of Reykjavik and the Southern Coast of Iceland.

Rhonda, United States Iceland Grand Tour, June 2015 We took their 17 day Grand Tour of Iceland. James, United States Express Iceland, June 2015 Best way to enjoy the amazing scenery of Iceland.

Mitch and Sue, United Kingdom The Classic Fjords Route, May 2015 The 'pack' sent to us prior to the holiday had some very useful additional information which helped us decide on extra sites we wanted to see.

Andrea, United States Iceland Full Circle, May 2015 All of the guesthouses that we stayed at were amazing (most notably Guesthouse Nonni, Hrifunes Guesthouse, and Gest-Inn Guesthouse). Heather, Canada South Iceland at Leisure, May 2015 All the guest houses were unique and we enjoyed each for different reasons. Annette, United Kingdom South Iceland at Leisure, May 2015 All hotels were great, and we seemed to have the best rooms they had available.